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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli


Ranthambore, Corbett, Kanha & Bandhavgarh

This is the Jungle Book expanded, the west to east version. Probably two weeks in tiger land, would give you a feel of the book.

From the dry deciduous regions of Ranthambore, to the lush green Sal forests of Bandhavgarh. From the regal legends of Rajasthan and simple folklores of Corbett and Kanha to the rugged ravines and highlands of Bandhavgarh, this two week long affair packs in everything to pump up your adrenaline on a daily basis. Which is hardly surprising since the entire trip takes you for a terrific tryst with the Royal Bengal Tiger.

At Ranthambore and Kanha, wildlife experts and guides will happily share the increase in the number of tigers in these regions and also other queries that you have.

Ranthambore will also entice you with its regal tales of tiger hunts by kings. Furthermore, Corbett will be full of stories of man eating tigers and the famous hunter Rudyard Kipling. And finally, along with its Tiger families, Kanha will offer you the sight of the rare Hard Ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha).

With tigers come all the callers and the hunted. So, all along the way there will be lanky langurs, cheetals, sambhars and wild dogs. Occasionally, a wild boar family might sprint across the road in front of you. And if you are at the right place, the elusive leopard may reveal its spots to you.

Needless to say, birds of amazing variety will greet you wherever you go. Some will fly across water bodies or over your head, others will chirp hiding behind leaves and shrubs. In addition, if you are into photography, there will be plenty of hides too. Ask your guide for one.

Jungle Safaris, evening walks, walks in the jungle, night campfires, your tour will offer you everything.

In between, there will be comfortable resorts offering sumptuous cuisines, warm and efficient services and lodges that are located near forests or surrounded by jungles, offering you all the opportunities to soak in the sun, the greens, the chirps, and the occasional bark of the cheetal that will tell you about a tiger or a leopard nearby.


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