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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli


We are about to leave Kanha tomorrow morning, this experience is almost over.  It was outstanding!!!   Tigers-2, Elephant ride – awesome, LOTS of other wildlife, and our guide Ranveer was excellent. Now, to tell a bit about me. I was a wilderness guide in Alaska in the USA, 1987-1996. So I know what is good and not good in the wilderness. Plus, I have had the fortune to do some great trips to other places in the world, to include a few expeditions in the wildest places in Africa. The point is, I truly do understand. Thank you!!!
– Best, Chris


My visit to the Kanha National Park, one of the top 10 Tiger reserves in India was a memorable one thanks to Asian Adventures. Under the supervision of expert guides, we were able to track and spot Tigers that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. It was the first time I saw a Tiger in the wild and the thrill it gave me is unexplainable. I look forward to going on another Tiger Safari soon.
– Andrew Pacheco


When it comes to Tiger tours, Kanha National Park is right up there. It is one of the best places to see Tigers in India, and Asian Adventures made sure that we saw not one, but many Tigers, unless it was the same one showing up at different spots. Just Kidding, lol. It was really fun. Can’t wait to get back in that Safari again!
-Richard Mccellan


I remember we were busy looking through our binoculars when a Tiger sneaked up behind our Jeep. I knew we were safe inside but I could still feel my heartbeat in my throat. It certainly was once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Asian Adventures.
Deepak Kumar

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