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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli


Are you wondering what to do this weekend? How about a quick and relaxing getaway? If you’re staying at Jabalpur or Nagpur, you should definitely opt for a short weekend tour.


Jabalpur- Kanah – Jabalpur (2 nights/3 days)

Limited time, unlimited memories

This is the quickest way to catch the magic of Kanah.
After a 4-hour drive from Jabalpur railway station/airport, you land at the resort in Kanha.

Even though, you spend only 2 nights at the resort, you can look forward to plenty of time with yourself – reading a book, evening walks, a dip in the pool or simply indulging in a sumptuous meal.

In the mornings and in the afternoon, our expert guides and drivers will take you on a well guided tour of the Kanha forests. Our all side Gypsies will give you ample opportunities to catch the sprawling forests, filled with a wild variety of birds, cheetals, and langurs. Of course, Kanah is a good place to spot tigers, barasingha, leopards, wild dog, hyena & other small mammals, too.

While at the lodge, as you enjoy the star laden skies, a cheetal’s call will let you know if a tiger or a leopard is on the prowl in an area nearby.


Nagpur- Kanah – Nagpur (2 nights/3 days)

This is another option for you when you are hard pressed for time.

A 6-hour drive from Nagpur, and you will find yourself at our comfortable resort. As you relax, you can catch up on your reading, enjoy a cup of tea while your eyes and ears soak the ambience of the forests around you.

At night, calls from the owls and the cheetals will keep you informed about the big cats in the jungle.

The mornings and evenings are reserved for Jungle Safaris, where well trained and enthusiastic guides will take you to terrains that are often visited by the elusive leopards, the regal tigers and the rare hard ground swamp deer (Barasingha).

At the lodge, you can splash in the pool or dip into a freshly prepared meal as you recollect the rush of adrenaline brought about by the safari or the late evening walk.

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