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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli


The Tiger Land awaits: 10 days Bandhavgarh-Kanha

This is a wish come true for Tiger lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Kanha National Park covers two of the best parks for Tigers. In addition, it packs in plenty of opportunities to get a nice view of the hard ground swamp deer, Indian Gaur (Bison), Wild Dogs, Sloth bear, Leopards and a kaleidoscope of other mammals and over 500 colorful bird species.

What are you in for?

Buckle up your seat belts for rides in all side open jeeps and gypsies. It’s a tour that packs in morning and evening jungle safaris. All conducted by expert drivers who know the terrain and well-trained naturalists who follow various animal and bird species.

The tracks will take you through the rugged landscape of Bandhavgarh. With its high hills, cliffs, deep valleys and gorges, fascinating rivulets interspersed with streams, ponds and waterfalls, it’s a blissful experience. And all this amidst thick Sal forests and other trees.

Furthermore, the rolling meadows of Kanha – the Jungle Book Country – will welcome you to plenty of species like the leopards, Barasinghas, wild dogs and deer of various kinds.

Since the tour is about tigers, keep your binoculars or cameras ready for dominant male tigers named blue eyes and charger among many. In addition, you might catch Sita, one of the female tigress watching over her playful cubs as they finish a meal just caught by her.

Along with jeep rides, the trip also includes elephant rides in the forest. So, be prepared to be taken around the jungle territory like a king.

In between are plenty of breaks at the various lodges, many of which have been made due to the local tribal culture. Here, besides comfortable stay and sumptuous meals are moments that you can just spend by yourself. Consequently, you could catch a book, take strolls along the nearby forests, take a splash in the pools, indulge in a spa or just soak in the sights and sounds of the neighboring jungles and the various birds who will pay you delightful visits.

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