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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli


We have been told that Rudyard Kipling found his inspiration in the jungles of Kanha. And many cinematic versions have been made of the book, some funny and innocent while the latest is a bit on the serious side.

Ever wondered what your version on the Jungle Book will be like.

For sure you will have tigers and other animals named after human characters. Unfortunately, no of them will talk to you in a language you know. However, there’s one language that can help you discover what they are all about.

It’s the sound of silence. Punctuated amply with lots of patience.

It’s only in the jungles of Kanha or a similar place one knows why we have been given two ears and eyes and only one mouth. Clearly, it makes sense to shut up and observe the sights and sounds.

So, whether you are in an all side open jeep or gypsy, or on top of an elephant, or simply taking a walk, silence can open opportunities of close and unforgettable encounters.

It could mean being suddenly stopped in your tracks by a pack of wild dogs. Or the call of the rare hard ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha) grazing in the tall grass. Or a leopard who climbs a tree effortlessly with its pray in its jaws.

Of course, in the tiger land, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a tigress watching over her cubs who play with the slain prey or just some butterfly near them. Or to quietly hold your head in reverence and slight fear of a male tiger who simply looks past you.

Do watch out for over 500 colorful bird species, who will entice you with their endearing calls, beautiful feathers and amazing beaks.

Every wild life enthusiast knows the importance of local guides and drivers. Because, its these people who can take you to the right spots for spotting animals and birds. They will also take you to hill tops and water bodies where you can bring out the Mowgli in you as you splash the waters of a rivulet or sit on the branch of a tree.

The good news is that thanks to conservation efforts, the Tiger population is on the rise. So, it’s time to pack your bags and spot your friendly Share Khan or the Yogi Sloth bear.

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