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Kanha National Park- The land of Mowgli



A number of conservations speak of biodiversity as the driving factor behind their efforts; however, the Kanha Tiger Reserve brings that concept to life like no other.

The Kanha Tiger Reserve has become the conservation that other similar entities in the country must emulate, using goal-oriented strategies and practices to provide a sanctuary to young cubs which are then cared for and trained before being re-wilded in Madhya Pradesh.

A day in the Tiger reserves tends to bring with it many surprises. The December mornings are particular cold and crisp. As disruptive as the wintry showers of the night can sometimes be, the earthy smell of the soils that often diffuses the air injects a sense of magic.

If you are lucky, the morning just might find the Meadow covered by a light mystifying mist, as the sunshine rises to banish it, only adds to the sense of wonder. But you shouldn’t get too distracted by the peripheral attractions of the Kanha Tiger reserve.

Sure, the salubrious aroma emanating from the trees, climbers, grass and all manner of vegetation, carried across the meadow on a gentle breeze, can make for a very relaxing sensation.

But most of the four wheel drive vehicles you see snaking through the reserve have serious business to attend to, with keen eyes typically observing equipment tracking a radio-collared tiger through telemetry.

Of course, the task is rarely as tedious as it sounds, not if you can keep following the beeps, which only grow stronger the closer you get to your target. The occasional langoor might swing into view.

If not, their guttural alarm calls will alert you to the presence of a predator close by, their cries exacerbated by the calls of a chital herd grazing nearby. An experienced observer would know enough to watch that chital herd.

You cannot blink in these moments, otherwise, you might miss it: the flash of a tiger darting into view, knocking a male chital to the ground (they have very powerful forelimbs) and tearing its throat out with vicious jaws.

Such representations of the volatile nature of the wild, while explosive, are often over in mere seconds, a hush immediately blanketing the jungle as the Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh returns to business as usual.

The impressive Tiger conservation held at the Kanha reserve where three orphaned cubs, in particular, one male and two female, stand out, having been raised, trained and then rewilded, now perfectly suited to survival.

The Satpura, Panna, and Kanha Tiger Reserves have played host to many male and female Tiger cubs after they have been reared and trained, quickly putting to bed the age-old notion of stranding young cubs in zoos (tiger cubs suffer unimpressively dreary lives in such captivity).

The Panna Tiger Reserve should be commended for its efforts in raising the tiger population, the two handsome tigresses that were raised and then released to them have produced several more cubs since then.

There is much to see and appreciate in a reserve that reveres and understands the creatures it is purposed to serve. 

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